Are You In Lust, Love or Limerance?

I met a friend (1) of a friend (2) before the pandemic started and we really clicked but at the time I was in a bad place so let the moment pass to let him (1) know I was interested. Recently he (1) had a video up online and in a "chill" way I let my friend (2) know that I was attracted to him(1). My friend (2) got super excited by this as the guy (1) had told my friend (2) that he (1) was really attracted to me when he (1) met me. They (1&2) discussed the fact that we (me&1) fancy each other, but no one has.made a move yet. Im afraid its just a physical attraction on his (1) part and I think I like him (1) more than that. Plus he (1) is a few 100 miles away and its a global pandemic. Any advice?

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