Apr 23, 2021 • 20M

Big Little Bonus Episode - Tik Tok Dating, F*ckboy Tests & Why Some Men Don't Rush Sex

How come he’s not showing interest in sex?

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Two women- one working in academia, the other a certified dating coach & trauma-informed dating behavior specialist with 10 years of experience - discuss all things dating, sex, gender issues & relationships.
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We’re doing a speed round Q & A.

  • Why you should avoid those single dudes on Tik Tok

  • Why won’t he tell her how he feels?*

  • The Fuckboy test question

  • Why do matches ask what your experience has been on a dating app?

  • Is it normal to argue with someone you’ve only met twice?

  • How come he’s not showing interest in sex?

  • Tips for breaking up with someone you like but …

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