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Celibacy & The City

I couldn't help but wonder...what would Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, and especially Samantha say about the 4B movement?

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Boysober & Celibate By Choice - (00:09)

With the 4B movement seeping into American Culture, many women are choosing to forego sex and dating for more productive (and safer) pursuits.

SATC Rewind Recap - Season 1, Episode 6 “Power of The Female Sex” (21:30)

Inspired by a friend, Carrie dips her toe into international waters and has a passionate fling with a sexy French architect. When she wakes up to find an envelope full of cash thanking her for an amazing night, Carrie can't help but wonder the difference between a professional girlfriend and a sex worker. The episode examines the transactional nature of some relationships and how women can exchange their sexuality for power.

SATC Rewind Recap - Season 1, Episode 6 “Secret Sex” (40:17)

The theme threaded throughout the episode is the internal struggle of who we see ourselves dating versus who we can reasonably attain and who is good for us.

Carrie unexpectedly bumps into Mike, a male friend, while he’s out on a date. A few days later, she confronts him about not introducing the two women. His explanation is typical of a shallow man with no self-awareness- he thinks Libby, the woman he’s dating, is amazing, but she’s not his 'type. ‘

For context, here’s a quick reminder of what Mike looks like.

This is what Libby looks like.

My good sir. You’re five and a half feet tall with a unibrow. You should be so lucky. Look at Libby. That hair. That skin. Those lips. And I’m not just saying that because we look alike! She’s beautiful and sweet and passionate about what she does for a living. What do you bring to the table besides an unwarranted elitist attitude and receding hairline, Mike?

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