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It Was A Week of Clownery

It Was A Week of Clownery


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In This Episode:

Be a Clown (00:27)

It's been an agonizing three days since I confessed to my Ex that I miss him. The lack of response is making me question my decision and feel utterly foolish.

Writer Thinks Her Opinion Of Women's Bodies Matters (15:20)

Op-Ed author Zoe Strimpel felt compelled to word-vomit an piece about how Bridgerton's Nicola Coughlan isn't hot enough to attract a conventionally attractive man.

Man-Child Expects His Girlfriend To Play Housekeeper and Sex Maid (28:28)

A woman wrote to columnist Carolyn Hax complaining about her spoiled boyfriend. Is he looking for a partner or a Mommy/Nanny/Sex Worker?

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