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What Should She Do About His Co-Dependent Ex?

What Should She Do About His Co-Dependent Ex?

And - We review men's dating profiles on Bumble and call out a cheater.

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In This Episode:

  • We review some men’s dating profiles and properly roast the ones who try to disguise their fuckery as emotional intelligence.

  • How someone a dating app should address their Ethical Non-Monogamy.

  • A woman wants to know if she’s wrong to be bothered by her new boyfriend’s concerning relationship with his Ex.

  • We dissect the current discourse about women turned off by sensitive/vulnerable men.

  • We discuss the predatory nature of men who date considerably younger women.

  • Is it typical for men to stay close friends with their ex-wives? See letter below.

I'm not typically a jealous woman. But his ex wife (married to her 20 yrs ago) is on his friends list/his socialmedia page and she posts on it and clicks like on his posts often (their son, not his biologically, is adult now. The posts are not about their son), she has his phone number, and he's told me he and she went to an event together less than 6 months ago I believe it was. he's also helped his ex wife financially, etc. What I am troubled with is that he tells much of his business (and about me) to others,, she's on his social media, she has his phone number, Most importantly I feel like I am also dating her, so to speak, like a threeway love triange. He doesn't have any obligations to her. He said they promised to be friends after divorce (I believe she cheated on him in marriage.) but he also told me just recently she told him she desired to get back together with him and see where that takes the two of them. He told me he has no desire to be with her, that they are just friends. He does not understand how I feel about her on his social media and his willingness to help her if she needs anything. He claims she has a boyfriend now and so doesn't "need" his help but my thought, what happens if her boyfriend leaves her? I mean she even called to tell my guy that she was in the hospital, while my guy was on a date with me (yet she has a boyfriend). I feel his being so close to her is unfair to me and our relationship, like it is a three person relationship. He doesn't understand how I feel. I think he thinks I'm just jealous but it's more about his respect for me and him not holding on to a piece of his past! I don't know how to re-word what said to him to get him to really understand what I mean. I said, "you have to have some boundaries". He also has a female (not his ex) as a best friend. I find this odd. He's also friends on social media with an ex girlfriend -they have an adult son also. I like to share to his social media but I don't wish for his ex's to know our business. Is it normal for guys to be that close to ex wife?

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