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Problematic Hot Take Of The Week

Problematic Hot Take Of The Week

Bonus episode!

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Problematic Hot Take of The Week

A woman being interviewed on the subway says with her whole chest that men want what's known as a Candid Girlfriend. The Candid Girlfriend is basic. She majored in art history. Her Instagram feed is of graffiti, sunsets, and yoga poses. She buys her furniture at Pottery Barn and still curates a Pinterest page. She's not a Girl's Girl.

Unpopular Opinion Alert! Women who say, "I'm a Girl's Girl!" are actually Pick-Mes in disguise. Fight me in the comments.

From the "Men are stupid and I don't respect them" file.

A grad student moves in with her boyfriend after he offers to pay all the rent while she's in school. After his douchey friends convince him she's a golddigger, he accuses her of being a leech and demands she pay half the rent, which is $2500.

Did I mention she's a grad student?

Today's episode is sponsored by the letter B.

Women in South Korea are opting out of men entirely. Dating them. Sleeping with them. Having their kids. Marrying them. This movement has been called 4B.

4B (or "Four No's") is a feminist movement which is purported to have originated in South Korea in 2019.[1][2] Its proponents renounce dating men, marriage, sex, and having children.

We discuss the benefits of this refreshing ideology and whether or not American women will adopt it.

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